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Robert Poole B.C.O.M  M.B.A  C.P.A - Let's revisit Change Management – We can provide, train and implement the Best Practice Approach for Change Management. Get your change process up to speed and secured   
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Anthony Garufi B.C.O.M  M.B.A  C.F.A - Resistance to Change for management and executives: Selling the Value of the change to your Team. You will need these tools and elements...
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Sal Fernandes B.A.  M.B.A  C.M.A  C.P.A  C.F.E and C.I.T.P - How Interim labor Can Help Companies Expand or cope with change in today's Markets with Reduced Costs. Don't forget we won the 2012 outsourcing award.
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Misha Stern B.A  H.R.M - How is your optimization skills? We have 25+ years expert team members which can help you in your industry.  
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Dimitri Nevadlani – P.eng Phd P.M.P - Public Works require the best tools in project management. Is your PMO and your Project managers using CCPM? we know that we can save you 20% in project time and costs. 
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Rita Char - B.Sc Edu -  Extending the Value of your Project Management Office with Best Practice Approach in managing resistance to change.
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Our Board of Directors represents the interests of all CGR stakeholders. Through its oversight of the management of the Company and its affairs, the Board actively demonstrates CGR's commitment to the principles of transparency, accountability and sound corporate governance.


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